Dated: 01/28/2018

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What is your home worth?Selling a home can be stressful!  I realize that is an obvious statement, but just in case you are not aware, selling a home can be stressful.  The time involved in getting it ready for showing, the inconvenience to your schedule and the what-if-it-doesn't-sell question that everyone asks themselves no matter how nice the house is.  It is all just a part of the process of selling a home.  And we have not even talked about the emotional toll, especially if you have lived there for a large part of your life.  Whether this is the first house you have sold or your tenth, it is always a challenge.

In order to deal effectively with the selling process, it is first and foremost, a good idea to know the value of your home.  How much are homes in your neighborhood selling?  And even more important, how quickly?  Having a reasonable idea of appropriate price point you should expect will help with the stress of selling.  I have a link that leads to a website that will give you a basic idea of the value of your home.   Afterwards, I will send a list of the most recent sales in your immediate neighborhood either via email or mail for you to see for yourself.  

If you have other questions, which I am sure you will contact me directly.  My contact information is below.  For more information on staging a pricing your home Click Here! 

Daniel Wampler, eXp Realty, LLC, (316) 644-4845, [email protected]
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